Hotshot Insurance

Coverage Types

  • Freight
  • Cargo
  • No CDL Required
  • Agriculture Load
  • Fruit or Vegetable Load
  • Lowest Rates
  • Liability Coverage
  • Coverage for Damages
  • Gooseneck Trailer
  • Utility Trailer 
  • Horse Trailer 
  • Medium Duty Trailer
  • Business Solutions 
  • Expeditors Insurance Best Rates

Hotshot Truck Coverage

Hotshot Trucking – or the hauling of expedited loads and hot shot freight can be a lucrative job for truckers. These jobs are usually time sensative but pay high by the mile and can be a good way to make some quick income. 

Most Hotshot Truckers run a pickup and operate on an “on-call” schedule running running loads throughout their region. 

Hotshot or “Expediter’s” Insurance at the minimum should include bodily injury and property damage coverage. Most jobs will require an additional Cargo Insurance Policy before they let a Hotshot Trucker take any of their deliveries. Additionally, it would be ideal to carry Business Liability, Self-Employment, and Medical coverage. 

As a national leader in Hotshot Insurance Coverage, our agents at Rev are here to answer any questions you may have and get you set up with the right policy to meet your Hotshot Coverage needs. 


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